Congregational Prayer 11/8/15

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God, our Holy and Loving Creator: We meet you this morning and we open our hearts to your spirit. We open our lives to you and ask that you help us trust your care.  By the grace of Christ forgive where we have done wrong may your mercy transform the patterns and habits that do […]

May Your Hearts Live Forever (Sermon #AllSaintsDay)

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Adult Education Last Week One of the things a pastor quickly learns is that She has particular things she wants to teach or preach, but the Holy Spirit does a great job at reminding her that it’s God who is in control not her. I get this reminder often. Which makes me think control freaks […]

World Wide Communion Sunday Sermon

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One of my favorite stories to tell, which many of you have already heard from me tell, is the story of my stuffed animals. When I was a young kid playing at home I would gather my stuffed animals into pew like rows to play church with them. I would get sandwich bread from the […]

Congregational Prayer for the Summer

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God, the source of all life. Creator of new beginnings and anchor in difficult times. We pray to you this morning in the mercy of your love. We give thanks for our many blessings. For this house of worship, for the friends and family that we love, for the joy of summer and warm sun […]

Easter Congregational Prayer

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Our great and merciful God: What a joyous day it is! Christ is risen and the world is full of new possibilities. Life, hope, and love wins. Death, where is thy sting? The resurrection of Jesus fills our imagination. Broken-heartedness does not get the last word. Life gets the last word. And it is in […]

The Upside of Failure Part 2- Where Failure Leads Us?

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My Colleague and I preached a two part series on The Upside of Failure. Here is my sermon from Part 2 of this series. Preached on March 15th at West End Collegiate Church.

Palm Sunday Congregational Prayer

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God our Maker and Sustainer: We make a joyful noise to you this morning. Our lips proclaim your praise and our heart rejoices being in your presence. We belong, in body and soul, to you our Faithful Maker. Awaken us to your love so that we may delight in your presence and share your love […]

Prayer of Confession/Assurance

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Confession God, We sometimes feel like we have to hide from you. When we have messed up it’s difficult to admit our failures. Sometimes our egos cumber us from apologizing when we have done wrong. Sometimes we have too much going on to seek your forgiveness. Sometimes the mistake is too big that we aren’t […]

Prayers of the People

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Good morning, God: We pause in this sanctuary to take a deep breath and welcome your energizing Spirit to nourish our body and soul (deep breath). You have sustained us another week and brought us back together in the presence of you and the fellowship of this congregation. We are mindful of your mercy and […]

Remember Your Baptism – Sermon

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Sermon preached by Reverend Jes Kast-Keat West End Collegiate Church Jauary 11th, 2015 Mark 1:1-11 Remember Your Baptism