Epiphany Prayer

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star of nightGod of Epiphany light,

You have revealed yourself to our ancestors, the wise ones, traveling a great distance to experience the living Christ. Reveal yourself to us today so that we may walk in the tradition of wisdom, too. Illumine the cloudiest of days. Shine your merciful love in our weary hearts. Grant us the strength to travel a great distance on the path of faith in You.

Receive our prayers according to your steadfast loving kindness.

We pray for ourselves. Forgive us, renew us, comfort us. Grant us eyes to see the holy in unexpected places.

We pray for the ministry of West End Collegiate Church. For each person who walks through these doors and each person who passes us on the street. May we all be a light of the love of Jesus Christ.

We pray for our City and our nation. For the most vulnerable and the aging, for those who have been gravely wronged, and for those who have a vision of love & justice. We pray for a compassionate kindness that opens our hearts to reconciling with friend and foe.

We pray for the world and all the glorious diversity of thought and people. Let us celebrate our uniqueness and courageously seek the common good together.

We thank you for this world. The gift of the sun, the gentle appearance of the moon, and the soil that nourishes our food.

Holy Spirit, shine in the corridors of confusion. Radiantly guide our comings and goings until we meet again.

Light of the world, hear our personal prayers in this serene moment of silence (silence):

We join our Christian family around the world in the prayer that Jesus taught us.. (Lords Prayer) Amen.